Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) and Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) will Introduce Legislation on Thursday to Fully Legalize Marijuana

Thursday, June 23, 2011
Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX)

Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) and Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) will introduce "bi-partisan legislation tomorrow ending the federal war on marijuana and letting states legalize, regulate, tax, and control marijuana without federal interference," according to a press release from the Marijuana Policy Project.

Topic Overview
  • "The legislation would limit the federal government's role in marijuana enforcement to cross-border or inter-state smuggling, allowing people to legally grow, use or sell marijuana in states where it is legal," according to the MPP statement. (More...)
  • President Obama has reduced the number of federal raids on marijuana growers and users with state licenses--but the disconnect between federal and state laws continues to cause tension. (More...)
  • In a preview of the legislation, the Marijuana Policy Project noted that last week marked the 40th Anniversary of when President Nixon declared that the federal government was at war with marijuana and other drugs. (More...)
  • Under the legislation, the federal government's role will be limited to regulations dealing with cross-border and inter-state smuggling of marijuana. (More...)
  • States that already legalize medical marijuana could continue without expensive legal battles with the federal government. (More...)
  • Well, at least we're heading in the right direction now, as two prominent congressmen plan to introduce the first-ever bill ending the federal war on marijuana. (More...)
  • Fifteen states now have medical marijuana laws, making it legal for health care professionals to prescribe marijuana for treatment. (More...)
  • Are Republicans serious when they say that the federal government should cede power to the states? Where do liberal Democrats really stand on drug prohibition? Congress must now confront those questions, thanks to Reps. (More...)
  • " Nearly one hundred members of Congress expressed their support for a seriously ill patient's right to medical marijuana during a historic vote on the House floor Tuesday. (More...)
  • Sounds like the bill is attempting to do what the Constitution theoretically already did: limit the federal role to the regulation of interstate commerce. (More...)
  • I've been working for over 35 years on marijuana reform and have seen a lot of similar moments where we were on the verge of the end of prohibition. (More...)
  • Current legislation proposed in WA state by former U.S. Atty Jim McKay has a very good chance of getting on the ballot or at least a shot in the legislature. (More...)
Other co-sponsors include Rep. John Conyers (D-MI), Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN), Rep. Jared Polis (D-CO), and Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA).


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