Mission Statement

Our intent is to provide the finest Medical Cannabis Research Journals, Articles & Information. Our intent is to disseminate the most critical information regarding the benefits of Medical Cannabis and the supporting community.

There have been many studies that show the medical benefits of Cannabis and it's potential for a variety of different aliments. There are more studies coming out that need to find a avenue for easy access to the general public that will benefit the most from these valuable studies and new found information.

This is the source for the latest and most advanced studies. Some of the medical journals and studies are a bit long, but packed with the most interesting and useful information. We have just begun to isolate the "hows'' and "whys" of how cannabis actually interacts with our physiology.

It is also so important that we understand safe handling for the grower to the patient. With our group of affiliates as a community/committees and the patients who are interested in making an impact. We will set "Standardization and Regulations" to protect this "Cottage Industry" and provide for creditable information and growth.

We are looking at 3 different uses Medical Cannabis, Recreational Cannabis (over the counter, like alcohol) and we need to revive the Industrial Hemp Industry, a most valuable resource.

Cannabis might be one of the most effective modern medical resources. Please join us on this most interesting study.

Hopefully, we can help provide for a more healthy and compassionate world.